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Do you have type 2 diabetes? Posted or Updated on 10 May 2022

Have you heard of the Diabetes Structured Education Programme?

It is recommended that people living with type 2 diabetes should attend the Diabetes Structured Education programme as part of their treatment. The programme can help you understand more about diabetes, increase your skills and confidence to make informed choices so that you can look after your health effectively.

What are benefits of attending Diabetes Structured Education programme?

  • Increase carbohydrate awareness
  • Lower blood glucose, blood pressure & cholesterol
  • Reduced risk of long term complications
  • Healthier eating & improved fitness
  • Improved wellbeing & quality of life
  • Weight loss, (if appropriate) & many more!

What are you waiting for?

Speak to your GP or Practice Nurse and request for a referral to the Diabetes Structured Education programme.

Testimonials from previous programme attendees:

"Educator was extremely helpful & made everything enjoyable. Each week was interesting, pleased I attended."

"I feel much more equipped to deal with my diabetes and much less daunted by my diagnosis."

"Very positive course, made me more aware of things I can do to improve my health."

Diabetes Information and Education Team: 
0191 569 2844

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